Working together to achieve our best!

With sincere apologies for the delay in posting, please follow the links for photos from PGL.

The children (and staff) had an amazing experience and were a credit to the school and their families.

I hope they have all settled in well at high school

Y6 PGL Summer 2016 – Raft building

Climbing activities

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6M have been debating the question above. Two teams, Pro Europe and Eurosceptic, have prepared a campaign to support their stance on the EU referendum.

IMG_1170 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1174 IMG_1175 IMG_1176

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Dear Diary,                                                             19th May 1874

This morning I woke up in a shuttle that rocked as violently as a galloping horse – when the throttle boosters ignited. I pinned myself to my chair and braced myself for the ride. Intrigued, I tried to figure out if this was a dream or not. Before I knew it, I slowed down, which forced me to look out of the fogged window. I could see stars (which looked like Christmas lights on a pine tree) all around me; meteors danced in the darkness and planets spun like ballet dancers.

Suddenly, an old, dilapidated factory building, which was covered in vines and “wanted” posters, appeared in front of me from nowhere – which made me jump from my seat.  The computer shouted, “Thirty-five seconds until landing prepare yourself!”  I panicked, and started pressing random buttons.

I dived in and out of planets and their atmosphere – which made me feel sick – and made me remember the one time I was on a roller-coaster. I then noticed a large, blue, triangular button, which was next to me. It was missing before – due to my curious nature, I pressed it. The ceiling slid open and I was launched out through the top (along with my seat). Parachutes then came out of my seat – to cushion my fall.  What a ride that was! When I landed, I was in a cloud of smoke. I started to choke and I fell to the cobbled, stone ground.

As the Smoke (or gas?) cleared, I found myself lying in a bed, which was in a room full of bunks. “Where am I? What’s going on here? Who are you?” I asked as a strange figure approached me. “I’m Master James, and you are in the only chocolate factory in London. Now get up, and get dressed! I expect you to be out in 2 minutes!” I didn’t want to argue, so I obeyed. When I left the room, a line of boys were waiting silently outside, With Master James in front. The boy in front of me whispered “The teacher in front is Master James, he’s our master and he teaches us Arithmetic. We go downstairs for breakfast, and then we go to Reading class, before we go and make chocolate bars.” I responded with “Who are you?” The boy said “I’m Jonathan, and you?” But before I could answer, Master James came and grabbed Jonathan by the arm and said “I see, Mr Ambrose. You chose to speak in the line?” “Well, we DO NOT accept that kind of behaviour here!” Bellowed another man, who I did not recognise.  When we reached the dining hall, we all sat down on benches. Master James read out names from a piece of paper.

“Kacper Malinoski? Malinowskay?” Bellowed Master James from the other side of the room, who had difficulty pronouncing my last name. I walked up to him with my bowl, and he poured me tomato soup. He also gave me a whole loaf of bread! I thanked him by nodding, and walked back to my seat. I was finishing my soup when Jonathan came in the room- with the other man. Jonathan’s hand was completely red and it looked like it was bleeding.
As I peered Jonathan’s hand, a distant echo rang around my head. The noise became louder and louder until it became piercing, forcing me to close my eyes. When I opened them I saw a familiar sight, it was the lamp that hung above my bed at home. I turned to my left; there lay my sister sound asleep in our bedroom. “What a terrible dream!” I thought to myself and rolled over in relief as my alarm clock started ringing.

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A terrible and destructive forest fire is burning its way to your town.

Start with the topic sentence: ‘The forest fire raged.’

Now write a short paragraph about how the forest fire raged.

Imagine the fire has reached your town and started to burn down an old factory.

Write 3 more sentences about the fire – this time use a comparison. 

The fire is burning down the old factory.

Write three more sentences about the fire, giving reasons for why its burning through the factory so easily. 

To finish – Imagine you are a journalist interviewing a bystander who witnessed these events unfold. Write a short dialog between you and the bystander containing questions posed by you and answers from the bystander.

Make it exciting to read!


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Key Stage 2 SATs Revision Websites

Hear are some websites our Year 6 pupils might find helpful with KS2 SAT’s Revision!


The English area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions
to help you prepare for the National Tests in English.

These revision pages have been put together by Woodlands Junior School to
help students with their revision.

Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It
is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy
Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You might like to try some spelling practise on this BBC spelling site

…and this site too.

This site will help with the new spelling, grammar and punctuation tests.


Get your head around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Practise
working out the mode, median and mean for a set of numbers. Take a look at
time, mass and capacity. Investigate the properties of different shapes. Get your
brain ticking with some mental maths questions.

A daily practise to keep those brain cells sharp

Practise your tables with the games and activities on this fun site.

Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It
is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy
Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Woodlands Junior School has several fun online interactive activities to help
not only improve your mental maths skills, but also to help you with SATs
Revision too!

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Test your knowledge by trying our grueling Shakespeare Quiz. Post your answers in a comment below.


1) When was Shakespeare born?

2) How many plays and sonnets did Shakespeare write?

3) Was Shakespeare ever in “love”?

4) Who said “O, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo”?

5) The line “To be or not to be” comes from which play?

a) King Lear.

b) Richard II.

c) Julius Caesar.

d) Hamlet.

6) Was Shakespeare born in:

a) Stratford-upon-Avon.

b) London.

c) Venice.

d) New York.

7) Was the Globe…

a) A Roman Amphitheater.

b) An Elizabethan Theatre.

c) An Elizabethan sports stadium.

d) A famous map of the world.

8) True or False: Was Shakespeare an actor as well as a poet and playwright?

9) True or false: Was the movie “Shakespeare in Love”, a true story?

10) True or False: Is there is a monument of Shakespeare in Stratford today?

11) Did Shakespeare invent words?

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For this writing task, use the following creative writing prompt: Grandfather

Write a scene or story involving a grandfather.

Write for fifteen minutes. When you’re finished, post your piece in the comments section. Remember to include skills sentences and all the features of writing covered in your writing set.

And if you post, please be sure to give feedback to a few other writers who have shared their work.


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You have all covered this area of the maths curriculum recently. Apply your knowledge to the problem below and show off your understanding by leaving a comment containing answers ASAP.


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Please leave examples of each if you can.

Subjective form


Abstract noun

Modal verb

Passive verb

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Write a clear description of an animal you know well. Make sure you describe what it does and how it behaves as well as what it looks like.

Use the skills and sentence structures we have covered in lessons to ensure your writing is of high quality.

Power of Words

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